Which Gpu should i use for my games?

actually i just simply want to know which one is better for running games
i have an old msi 8400GS 1gb and the intergrated graphics of my i5 2400 which intel HD2000 i guess
i am recently playing games like The Scrolls of Skyrim so which one of these will better for runnying it.
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  1. the 8400gs will crash on most games as its a video card and in real terms below recommended spec for most games of the last 4 years. the hd 2000 is more stable but not much stronger but is entry level for some games while the gs defiantly isnt. do not pay any money for it as its worthless not even worth the £18 dabs are selling them for.

    hd 2000 will give minimum settings and rez on a game like ac2 but wont play bf3
    save up 100-150 and you can then play games at medium at the minimum. (as long as you have a strong enough psu)
  2. if you have a 300wat psu try an GT520 for a cheap card that can run most games on lowest settings and most old games on high (pre 2006)
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