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I 've just built a new system , with an asus a7v266-e and amd athlon xp 2000+

Everything was fine , and the bios was showing me "AMD ATHLON (XP) 2000+

the only thing that concerned me it was that the cpu temperature was between 45 and 50 degrees C

so i decided to reinstall my fan/heatsink(swiftech) to check if the overheating was because of a bad installation.

So i take the cpu and i clean it from the artic silver (thermal compound) i use acetone on the cpu core and palmolive soap on the ceramic. I mostly removed all the compound , and all the l1,l2 l3 l4 bridges , seemed quite clean and free.

i reinstall the cpu and the heatsink and the drives and videocard. i start the machine but when i'm in the bios it only allows me to choose (the cpu frequency) between 1010Mz and 1466, and even if i choose 133.33 X 25.5 manually
the bios now it sees my 2000+ as a 1700+ ! ! ! (always core V 1.80)
What should i do ? (i tried to update the bios but no change.)and the system seems not stable as before.
sometimes when i turn it on it shows me Amd Athlon Xp 1900+
but then after a while that it's off and i turn it on , again it says AMd xp 1700+

What should i do ?
did i , in some way break the cpu ? or shorted one of the bridges with the compound ? so the multiplier it's not stable ?
how could i fix it ?

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  1. Well, acetone was fine but I doubt using soap on the bridges, tends to get stuck between the grooves. And clean tap water does tend to corrode fine metal stubs that the bridges are!

    I cant imagine BIOS not letting you use any FSB, it isnt really under the CPU's control. you can force the BIOS to set a certain FSB, 133.3 MHz should be just fine. As for the multipliers, cleaning the bridges (all of them) has had some effect on it. Thats why I would suggest you to clean all the bridges with acetone and unlock the L1 bridge, maybe that would set the bridges right.

    BTW your XP2000+ works at a physical frequency of 1.67 GHz, that is (133 x 12.5) try setting the multiplier to 12.5


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  2. Hey thanks for your interest, ill clean the bridges with the acetone.

    i tried to set (133.33 X12.5) but it always say (at the boot) 1700+

    anyway i'll try to do what you said.

  3. Hi Girish or anybody out there,

    You mean i have to clean those microholes ?

    i'll try.

    thats what you mean by unlocking the l1 brdge ?
  4. Yes you need to clean as well as possible but only use Acetone or 99% alcohol, then
    let it dry throughly before reinstalling.

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