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  1. Depends what you want to spend. A guy I work with dished out $4500 for a high end Alienware laptop a few years ago. However, ASUS makes a reasonably priced gaming laptop that starts around $1200. They only go up in price from here. You don't want anything much less than this as you can't upgrade the video on a laptop and you are stuck with what comes with it until you upgrade the entire laptop.
  2. just want something for skyrim on the go
  3. I'm not much into gaming laptop but I wanted something small with peak power, so I recently bought a laptop from Xoticpc. I checked other shop prices too before I bought (avadirect and powernotebooks). Xoticpc offered the cheapest price and their is superb, so I ended buying from there.

    Anyhow... the model is Sager Clevo N6110

    11.6" with HDMI, VGA output (thinking to connect to TV via HDMI and play it on big screen at time)
    nVidia 650M 2GB DDR3 (not DDR5, my only minor complaint)
    8GB DDR3 1600MHz
    120GB Intel 520 (550MB read/500MB write)
    (No optical drive)
    Less than 4lb.
    Thx sound

    Total was a tad over a thousand with free shipping. I was able to save money on OS since I have a used Window 7 key which I was able to give them to install. It's being processed/installed, so I don't have it yet but as far as review goes, this little laptop packs mean power and can go against 15" to 17" laptop in terms of power.
  4. ^ I approve this message, clevo has got some of the best chassis
  5. so its like a gaming net book? i want at least a 15inch display
  6. will that match my desk top gaming pc? AMD Althlon x3 440 oc @ 3.6 GTX 550ti oc @ 1ghz ? or will it give me better performance?
  7. don't know since I cannot gauge the performance of your OC
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