MSI Afterburner does not work in L.A.Noire.

The on-screen display of MSI AfterBurner does not work with my disc version of L.A.Noire.Any workaround for this?My game is fully patched.
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  1. I was unable to patch the game automatically but had to patch it manually after activating it.Is that the problem?That is because everywhere on Google it is written-"Patch your game".But I have already patched the game to v1.3 build 2614.
  2. I can not tell you the specific reason, but I run into games here and there that the MSI Afterburner OSD does not work. I believe it has to do with the engine it uses.
  3. Did you assign keys to trun the on screen overlay off and on? If you did have you tried to see if it is in the off mode? What Jay is stating is also true. I have only found that it won't work In some games as well.

    Good luck to you.
  4. Ok but then why would it work on the steam version?And yes,I assigned keys(NUM 5) to turn the OSD on and off.But it just doesn't work!:(
  5. It is probably a anti pirating thing that is in the disk to prevent any type of programing to make or allow to run at the same time. Then when you run the program from Steam.

    Because Steam now allows the game it doesn't have to worry about pirating so you are able to run programs and cheats code etc. This is the only thing I could think of but not 100% sure. Good luck to you.
  6. Hmm that also coincides with my line of thought.Sigh,so is there any way I can see whether its at 30fps or not.By the way,when I tried to autopatch the game,it said -Error Binary File Patching.Also,a couple of tries later,it showed some MEM1 error while auto-patching.So,I had to exit from the game and manually patch it after running ccleaner.And I noticed that the patch was only 176MB in size.Is there something I am not doing right?
  7. I mean 176MB is not 'only' in size but it adds DX11 support.So,shouldn't it be a bit bigger?
  8. Are you trying to patch the disk or are you trying to patch the program that is downloaded in your system gaming files? I think when it makes contact with Steam all bets are off on doing anything.

    That game can't run with out Steam right even off line you have to download something from Steam to run off line? Anyway that is what I believe. I have no idea if the 176MB for the patch including DX 11.

    Should be bigger or not. But if you are getting thoes error messages I wouldn't be trying because it could cause problems with the game. Have you gone to Steams forum's or is it still off line?

    Well I don't know much about that patch so I am at a loss on this part of your problem. How improtant is it to you to do this while playing with the disk? Have you tried other programs like Trixx, Speedfan?

    How about Fraps? I will link you to a couple of them so you can give them a try and maybe you might get lucky. Good luck.
  9. I have patched the files installed on my system via the disc.Steam does not run when the game is running.And when one recording program is not working ,will others like fraps work?That is my question.
  10. Yes they should work. I use MSI Afterburner to run at the same time as my game does on my screen like fps does but I get temps %of usage and fps but trixx and speed fan should do the same.

    I haven't used them before so I don't know much about them but they should work at the same time as you are playing. You will just have to try and see. Good luck to you.
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    msi afterburner still has issues with some games. best thing to do is email them with your issue and they will start a ticket. they will then put there engineers to work if the problem is there end.
  12. I fiddled around with the settings in MSI Afterburner for some days but still,no luck with this issue.I really want to record some gameplay as well as monitor temps and GPU usage and I believe MSIAB is the only "Free" program that allows it.Any other free alternative to AB?
    Hexit,it works on other versions of the game.Just do a quick search on youtube and you will see what I am talking about.Though it seems like they were the vanilla versions of the game.Has it got something to do with the fact that this is the Complete Edition?
    Also,one further problem.I have purchased a steering wheel recently and want to drive in the game with it.But even though I can steer,I cant accelerate/brake.Can anyone help me with this?It's a Genius speed wheel 5,if it helps.:)
  13. Sorry for reviving an old thread but to anyone looking for a solution,patching my game to the latest patch and installing the latest version of MSI afterburner (v2.3.0) helped solve the problem.:)
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