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I'm really getting interested in building a water cooler for my machine. I took a look at Tom's DIY water cooler and it totally looks like something I can do. My only problem is that I have no idea how to get ahold of a water block. I doubt if there is a store in my city that I could buy a water block at, does anybody know a good place in North America that I could order one from?
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  1. when I did <A HREF="http://www.calvsplace.cwc.net" target="_new">my project</A> I ordered a MAZE2 waterblock from <A HREF="http://www.dangerden.com" target="_new">dangerden</A> I was advised by many people to go for one of these, I have had no problems whatsoever, it took a while for me to recieve it but only because customs held onto it for ages (Im in UK)

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  2. Hey, cool. Thanks for the tip CALV.

    Yeah I had read about your system a while back, very cool. It must be holding well for you to recommend dangerden to me. How are your temperatures?
  3. Temps doing fine, I have a new cpu since i did the site (1400@1700) plan on updating the site this week, I no longer run that pc 24/7 as my other 2 are on 24/7, water temp in the morning (after being off about 7 hours or so) is round about 16-17C (winter here), cpu temp about 27C or so, after a days running water temp gets to low 20's, cpu still under 30, if I run toast for ages, the cpu temp gets to around 40C, but gaming etc gets to mid 30's max. I plan on doing another volt mod soon, I want to get over 1700 if I can.

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  4. Koolance makes a good waterblock. They also have waterblocks for GPU, Chipset, and Hard Drives.

    Not to mention they make water cooled cases that comes with all four (depending where you buy it from) and a radiator with 3 exhaust fans pulling air through it.


    You have to load the info on the cases to get info on the specific waterblocks.
  5. HEY CALV those temps are good , what kind of water block you have, better yet what kind of water cooler system do you have. how much it cost, where did you buy your parts. etc.
  6. Hi,

    Waterblock is a maze2 from dangerden, Pump is a eheim 1250 from local aquarium stockist, as is the tubing, everything else home made -my site -<A HREF="http://www.calv.tk" target="_new">www.calv.tk</A> <A HREF="http://www.calvsplace.cwc.net" target="_new">mirror</A> I have a day off tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So hopefully I will be updating the site.

    If they squeeze olives to get olive oil, how do they get baby oil?
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