Looking for the name of an old PC game... HELP

Ciy manager or mayor facing crises & natural diasasters
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  1. Sim city?
  2. Sim City is what I was thinking too.
  3. Call of Gods have some key features for choice:
    1. Western RPG Appearance for soul of guardian.
    2. Three different Character Creation for choice
    3. Powerful allies system, which allows you engage in scaled wars
    4. Strategy Games with Hero Recruit and units & troops arrangement

    Sounds some game portal like kongregate, lekool has released this game. Though it’s a little disappointing that none of these features mentioned above really makes it particularly interesting, it worthy of trying this cog.wsgame.com.

    You can review the review before playing this game http://www.dotmmo.com/call-of-gods-122.html
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