Extremely low fps at all times out of nowhere

Hello. Today when I turned on my computer and launched any game it would be unplayable, the fps being at 1-10 at all times and on all games. Games like League of Legends prior to today would run on 40-80 fps on very high quality, so I am not sure what's going on as I am not that good with computers. Could someone help me out? I've tried updating drivers but they are up to date. My display adapter is Nvidia GeForce 6150SE nForce 430.
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  1. Can you post the rest of your hardware config, thanks!
  2. Operating System
    Windows 7 ‎(X86)‎ Service Pack 1

    AMD Sempron LE-1220 clocked at 2 GHz
    Processor frequency measure (core0) : 2.01 GHz
    Number of cores : 2 physical, 2 logical
    Processor socket : Socket AM2 (940)
    CPU Temperature (core 0) : 62.25 °C

    ECS Nettle3 2.2
    SKU Number : KT583AA#UUW
    Bios version : 5.17
    Date : 4/23/2008

    Northbridge : NVIDIA MCP61
    Revision ID : A3
    Southbridge : NVIDIA MCP61
    Revision ID : A2

    2 GB total memory type DDR2 to 402.71 MHz
    Memory timing : 6.0-6-6-18-2T
    Memory chip Qimonda from 1 GB
    Maximum frequency : 400 MHz
    Max bandwidth : PC2-6400
    Memory chip Qimonda from 1 GB
    Maximum frequency : 400 MHz
    Max bandwidth : PC2-6400

    Graphics card
    NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430
    DirectX version installed : 11.0
    Core clock : 425 MHz
    Memory clock : 800 MHz

    Harddrive Hitachi HDP725025GLA SCSI Disk Device from 232.88 GB
    Harddrive Generic USB CF Reader USB Device
    Harddrive Generic USB MS Reader USB Device
    Harddrive Generic USB SD Reader USB Device
    Harddrive Generic USB SM Reader USB Device

    Optiarc DVD RW AD-7201S5
    Event type : DVD+R/DL Recorder
    Firmware version : 1H0E

    NVIDIA Corporation MCP61 Ethernet
    Adapter type : ethernet
    Multimedia cards
    NVIDIA Corporation MCP61 High Definition Audio
  3. Can you think of anything, at all, that you did just prior to the drop in fps?

    If you have system restore on try that ......providing you haven't done (too) much since your chosen point.
  4. Perhaps your power supply is dying, thus your card is not getting enough power, or your card is dying?
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