Oblivion/Fallout3/Minecraft Game Crippling FPS drop/lag

So i have had this problem with any "Newer" game. The thing is that these games used to run perfectly on high graphics, then seemingly out of nowhere i get these problems (Except Minecraft. I got that long after the problems had started.). Older games like Halo, Diablo, and Psychonauts run without problems. I have tried everything i can possibly find on the internet Including (But not limited to)

-Driver Updates
-Ntcore 4GB patch
-Turning Aero Off during games
-playing on absolute worst quality possible.
-installing on different Hard drives
-Virus scanning
-Optifine with Minecraft
and tons more stuff.

My Hardware is as listed:

AMD Phenom 9750 Quad-core Processor
8 GB of RAM (7.75 Usable)
64-bit OS
Nvidia GeForce 9100 Version 301.42

Some more deatails:

The normal FPS of all these games is never below 35. When the "Lag Spike" hits, it drops it 3 FPS, and there is a delay between what im doing and when it actually happens in game. This makes the games IMPOSSIBLE to play.
Also i have NO mods installed on ANY of the games.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. I have a couple of questions. That GPU could be in a laptop or a desktop so which one is it? You do know that GPU is a integrated one? You will not be able to play todays games with that GPU.

    It might work for the older games as you have stated. Most integrated GPU's are not good gaming GPU's. I would recommend a new GPU. Your CPU isn't that bad at all. What is your PSU brand and wattage?

    Does your MOBO have a PCIe x 16 slot? Your RAM is at the avg amount for gaming. So the only thing is giving you problems is the GPU. Get back to us with the answers to the questions and we will go from there. Good luck.
  2. Its a desktop. It used to run these same games just fine. This problem sprang up out of nowhere, well after i had been enjoying Oblivion/fallout 3 for almost a year. Also what is my GPU so i can look into replacing it.

    I am ALMOST positive my PSU is Liteon 300W (I took off the covering and looked. thats all i could find on the powerbox thingy)

    my Motherboard is a Pegatron. (I think.) Not sure if It has what your talking about or how to find out, but there is indeed some form of empty slot. Unsure what its for. Might be what you are talking about.
  3. If they used to play fine but don't anymore and this didn't match a time you changed something then it could be starting to overheat. Chec kyou temps while gamnig using HWMonitor or similar.
  4. Temperatures and CPU usage both appear to be quite normal. I will take into advisement though, as when i take off the casing to my PC it prolongs the inevitable lag.
  5. Is the inside of your case dust free? Are you still having the problems with only the new games and still not with the older games? Well lets rule out the temps. I will link you to all the temp monitors you need.

    This way you can play the games and at the same time on the same screen sort of like a over lay you will be able to see your temps and it is called MSI Afterburner. Plus I will link you to HWMonitor.

    I really don't think it is a over heat problem because you play the older games with out any problems. So lets do the temp then if it isn't we move to the PSU, CPU, and MOBO.

    I will also show you later the PCIe x 16 slot. If it is a temp thing that is not good because you for sure will have to use a GPU or you will have to replace hardware. Good luck.






  6. I think the case removal thing points even more to temperature problem what CPU and GPU temps did you get?
  7. Do i have to download ALL of those programs? Or can i download just the first one?
  8. So i Installed MSI Afterburner, and after almost 3 hours of continuous play on Minecraft, i had ZERO LAG! :D Im not gonna call this case closed just yet, but it us deffinatley a spark. Now onto the tough on - Fallout 3
  9. your not getting lag spikes your getting exactly the correct fps from a nvidia 9100...
    buy a decent gfx card if you want to play games... what you have now is just about capable of playing hd video
  10. HEXiT said:
    your not getting lag spikes your getting exactly the correct fps from a nvidia 9100...
    buy a decent gfx card if you want to play games... what you have now is just about capable of playing hd video

    No. Just..No. Your not helping. If you had read into it instead of assuming you would know that they are lag spikes. Its not constantly a horrible FPS. It only happens on random occasions. NOT continuously. I know my card isn't great but LIKE I ALREADY SAID, it used to play the games just fine. If the card couldn't handle these games, it would NEVER have been able to. it wouldn't have just randomly started up one day.
  11. So i played Oblivion for awhile and got the lag. I quit as soon as it hit so i could record the changes.

    GPU Temp Hovers at 120 through the entire game.
    Core Clock Stays at 500 - whole game
    Memory Clock stays at 400 - Whole game
    Memory usage hovers at around 122 - whole game

    Now i save GPU Usage for last cause its the hardest to describe. I took a screen cap, but i dont think i can upload it here. Anyways

    It Hovers at around 100 most of the time But drops 3 times all the way to 9! The last drop is in the time frame of when the lag started. i didnt notice anything during the other two though.

    Anyway theres your info.
  12. If the GPU is getting to 120C then there is the problem, it will not last long getting to that temp. It could be its on its way out or just bad case ventilation. Check all your fans are working and clean out all the dust you can.
  13. The GPU temp is it in Fahrenheit or Celsius? If it is Celsius then that is a very big problem. The usage will not always change when you have leg spikes. If the temps are to high it will throttle down.

    Then you get the leg spikes. Do what simon suggested check your fans to see if they are working. If they are working use the way point of the graph to set your fan speeds to go faster as the temps rise.

    Try doing the stress test on your GPU's and CPU that way it is in a controlled setting. If the stress bench testing brings on any of the problems then it could be your GPU is on its way out. I will link you to the test. Good luck.




    this one gives you more options.
  14. Alright. I will preform the test (And yes it was Celsius.) also i will do me best to locate some cleaning materials.
  15. I tried downloading one of the many tests. PC said it was a Trojan. But nevermind. I am going to give my inside another thorough cleaning and i will be replacing my GPU withing the next month. Thank you guys so much for all your help! If the problem consists after my replacement, i shall return here first thing! Thank you.
  16. Good luck to you on your new card. I would not be using your card that you have now you could take out other stuff and you will have a bigger bill to pay. Just be very carefull.
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