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Awhile back i bought two small fans for a 486 processor and i used one for cooling my tnt2 ultra and the other i cut off the 4 pin (molex?) connecter and put in its place a 9 volt plug and installed into a hat so that i could cool off my head (actually worked). However, my question is would it be a bad idea if i attached that fan to the one on my tnt? what i mean is to do is take off the plastic sheilding to a small portion of the wire to the fan on the tnt and then attach the wires on the other fan to the unsheilded part. Would this be a good idea or would i be asking for trouble? Thanks. Mnx4

Edited Part:
Heh heh, sorry about that.. it does seem a little comfusing... I want to take the two wires that are coming out of fan 1, take off a little bit of the plastic sheilding, take the two wires from fan 2, attach them to the unsheilded wires of fan1.

wires of fan 1
- means unshielded (uncovered)
= means sheilded (covered)

wires of fan 2
==========--- (red)

wires of fan 1 + 2
====+++==== (red wire 1)
====+++==== (black wire 1)
: is black wire 2
| is red wire 2
+ means connected wires (red1 to red2 and black 1 to black2)
_ means nothing (for some reason the system gets rid of extra spaces so the schematic wouldn't look right if i didn't add those in)

all im asking is that would it be an electrical disaster waiting to happen if i connect one fan to the other fan's wiring or would it be a good idea? If need be i will try to explain this a little more clearly (lol) Sorry about the confusion<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Mnx4 on 02/16/02 04:29 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. Say what?

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. LOL crash

    I would leave the fan running off the power supply instead of using the connector on the video card, unless the fan is a match for the original card fan (if there was any, if not then don't do it).

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  3. I've gotta agree with Andrew, would put to much of a strain on the video card connector burnin it out (i.e. try hookin a delta fan to a mobo, delta+3 pin mobo connect= one fried mobo)
  4. Sorry. i guess i need to do some more explaining. The fan i hav connected to the video card was never on there in the first place. The fan on the vid card has a molex connector; it isn't conected to the vid card. Sorry about that.

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  5. oh, ok. So yer runnin it off of the psu? If that's the case then yer fine
  6. Thanks. I'm really sorry about all the confusion. Thanks again.

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