You were in the future and you are a police officer in a hovercraft and you dest

I remember playing a future game on the PC. You were a cop of some sort and you rode around in a hovercraft or a car some sort and you go around the city taking out criminals. I can't remember the title for the life of me. All I remember is you could upgrade the weapons.
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  1. Future Cop L.A.P.D.?
  2. No it wasn't either of them. It was like a hovercraft/car and you drove around the city shooting criminals or destroying their cars. It was only on PC
  3. I am searching for that game, too! It was really cool in the 90s! I thought it was G-Police, but it isn't sadly.

    First in the game you can ride that hovercraft/car (like that DeLorean i the third part of Back to the Future), after you completed a few missions you got a motorcycle and some Kind of a wingjet that could fly :D

    And you had different weapons for diff. missions, like you said before :D I can remember that the packaging was in a strong neon-green or neon-yellow, right?

    In the entrance sceen there was a Boy who lost his father by criminals and after he grew up, he went to the Police himself and got an officer!

    I would be very happy if someone could tell us the Name of the game ;)

    Ah and the graphics and Music in it was very good too!!!
  4. I finally found it !!!!!!! :wahoo:


    I only found the version for PS1, but now I can really search for it, yeah :D

    I am very happy now! :bounce:

    Thank you, guys!

    Greetings, Vanessa

    PS: You can check for the PC Version on ebay! I bought the game a few seconds ago :D
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