So I have asked in other sections about the PC but this is a specific question

Will a PC with

i5 3570k and a gtx 570 1.25Gb with 8Gb ram run mists of pandaria, world of warcraft on max settings at a playable fps? and any ideas around what fps?
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  1. Yes, that PC will max it out quite nicely with high frames.

    You should be able to have everything on Ultra with 4xMSAA and 16x Anisotropic Filtering with 60fps in most zones - but dont expect that in the middle of Stormwind, I still drop to 35-40fps with a 670.

    If I were you though, Id set shadows to 'High' and particle density to 'Good' - the ultra version of these two are very demanding and could cause you to dip below 60fps in some areas. Even with my 670 I have them set on that.

    If you find that your frames are too low for your liking, drop the following settings down (in order of most demanding):

    - View distance
    - Shadow quality
    - Particle density (in crowded areas)
    - Water quality

    All in all, that PC should be fine for WoW and MoP
  2. By the way, are you planning on buying those parts or have you already got them?
  3. Planning on it, also i should say the cpu is OC at 4.4Ghz
  4. In that case, 100% wait until August 16th - Nvidia are releasing the 660ti which will cost the same as a 570 now, but with performance that beats a 580.

    Nice, a CPU OC will help a lot in crowded areas!
  5. Well im not building the PC so I might look into the prices, but I am on a budget so not to much extra I hope :)
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