Gaming keyboard and mouse questions

Well I decided i need gaming keyboard and mouse I am thinking about a razer deathader and a corsair k60.

here are my questions

is that a good pairing

what is the best $50 dollar mouse

$50 keyboard

75 dollar mouse

$75 keyboard

$100 mouse

$100 keyboard My budget is 150 so i will either do my current choice, a 100/50 combo or a 75/75 combo

muchas gracias :)
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  1. Use a RAT 5 and a Sidewinder X4

    Think the RAT is the best thing since sliced bread it fits my big bear paw hand nicely, does what it says on the tin.

    Sidewinder X4 im not so sold on sure its got lots of gaming features but to be honest I dont really notice/utilise them all I do notice is that its deeply unpleasant to type on.

    Theres my insight hope it helps somewhat
  2. What price range is the rat 5 under because the corsair k60 is $90 and i am pretty set on that.
  3. Is it better than the razer deathader?

    Is there a 70 dollar keyboard that is good?

    What about m60 and k60?
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