Hi. I am from Denmark so you will have to excuse my english. I have just unlocked my XP1600 by connecting 2X5 small bridges as shown by TOM. When I enter the BIOS on my ASUS A7V266-E motherboard I have access to all the different multyplyer settings (whe 10.5 is default!!). I tried to set it to 11.5 have restartet a couple of times to ensure the the BIOS saved my new settings. It did. Then I entered windows XP and ran the WCPU-id test program, but here the change was not viewable. Why is that??
I can detect the change in the BIOS but not in windows. I have never tried anything that strange!!
I hope that some of you bright people can help me. No one in Denmark have been able to yet.
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  1. What is Athlon's speed show on your boot up screen when you started your comp? Did it change to something rather than XP1600+?

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  2. I have the ASUS A7V266-E and an unlocked XP1800+. The answer is look on page
    20 4), of the manual. Move the jumpers from Palomino 1-2 to Athlon/Duron 2-3.
    You will then be able to raise or lower your multiplier. It is a quirk of the
    mother board.

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  3. Thank you.
    You were right!! I changed my jumper-settings and now I can meassure the changes in windowsXP.
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