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Ok, I used the coolbits registry hack to enable overclocking of my Visiontek GeForce2 MX200. I go into the screen and click the checkbox that allows core and memory clock changes. The computer reboots and I go back to that screen to adjust the values. Only thing is, when I click on the memory clock slide bar the value to the far left is 0mhz and the value to the far right is 100mhz. This is different compared to what anyone has said about what those values should be, far below what is even supposed to be default on the card. If I set it all the way to the right (100mhz) my 3dmark2001 scores turn to crap so it is actually turning the memory down to 100mhz. The only way to fix it is to actually go back to the speed selection screen and click on return to defaults. Then the checkbox for allowing changes to clock speeds is unchecked and the values are grayed out. At this time and this time only the value 175mhz shows for the core clock speed and 345mhz shows for the memory clock speed. Does this mean that the memory is defaulted to 345mhz on this card? Anyone else seen this? I'm stumped.
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  1. I think that this is a bug in some versions of Detonator drivers. You should try using some utility like RivaTuner for overclocking your card. You can find RivaTuner and Geforce Tweak Utility at <A HREF="" target="_new"> guru3D</A>...
  2. I got the Geforce tweak utility and for the memory clock speed it shows 334mhz. Hmmmm. I'm using the latest detonators for XP. I saw another message back from december asking about this. That person had a Visiontek card too. Maybe its a visiontek problem. Anyone else had this problem?
  3. this is no bug if your default speed of your card says 345mhz then sometimes its actually 334mhz the same thing happens with my leadtek gf3 ti200 128mb when i overclock it 475mhz it shows 472.5mhz but when i set it to 480mhz it shows 482mhz. the default =400mhz(wich also shows 399,5mhz.) so this is no bug its just the program and as far as i know it happens with every card hope this answers your question

    my system aint running on 110/230volts it runs on NITRO!!!!
  4. I used a utility you can get off of gainward's web site, called powerstrip. nice interfave, and i was able to take my PNY MX400 to 210 core/ 199 ram, over the stock 200/160. It also has a nice profile shortcut feature so you dont have to have your card overclocked all the time.

    The link on the download utilities page was broken for the english release, so just download the chinese one if it gives you guff. Its in english anyways. I am also running the latest detonator for xp.

    Crashing takes on a whole new meaning at 9.8 m/s :eek:
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