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I was wondering which was better for gaming... an HDTV or an HD Monitor... what are the advantages and drawbacks of buying each seeing that money isn't an issue (but saving would be good) :P?
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  1. It will depend who you ask. If you don't already have an HDTV why not get that? If you have a PC with an HD Monitor, couldn't you use that?

    Personally I like playing console games on a nice big HDTV. I play both PC and Console games and sitting back on the couch is the way to play console games. PC you are at a desk with a mouse and keyboard. I think it is all personal preference. Some people who play a lot of shooters may steer you toward a monitor since it has less screen lag and a smaller display has advantages in some of those games as you can see everything without turning your head. It comes down to preference.
  2. obously you have ps3 then buy HDTV because it have high contarst raito than HD monitor and image look much brighter than HD montor
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