stability problems when raising FSB...

i want to overclock my 1600 and i wanted to get adjust the multiplier as well as teh FSB. i unlocked the multiplier w/o any problems and it runs stable bringing it up to a 1900 but leaving the FSB at 133. But when i leave the multiplier at 10.5 and raise the FSB i can only raise it up to 136 and then i start to get random errors, reboots, and glitches. Im pretty sure i can go higher than this but im not sure what exactly it is that keeps me from doing it. BIOS settings? right now i have my memory timing set to run at 2/2/2. I am using mushkin hi-perf DDR pc2100.
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  1. Without additional info (Mobo, etc.), I'd say your problem is the RAM. I always put higher rated (PC2400-PC2700) sticks in systems I'm OCing.

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  2. Aye.. the memory seems to B unstable, I have a Epox 8KHA+ & I can put the FSB up to 150 no problems with Crucial PC2100 CL2.5... also check that you are boosting power to the processor & memory above normal operating voltages...

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  3. raising the FSB meaning running memory faster, and that sometimes makes it run too fast. you have to relax the CAS parameters to 3. CAS value of 2 cycles for already fast frequency means too little time for the memory chip to respond, you must set it to 3 cycles when running at higher speeds. although it slows down overall performance, the delay is almost the same as that at CAS2, lower speed.

    solution, lower the CAS timings to 3/3/3


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  4. well i tried setting all the timings to the most relaxed i can get them to and stil no luck raising the FSB past 136. I read somewhere that it sometimes is a problem with the dragon+ because it has no Vddr adjustments and that it only puts out around 2.45V to the slots which isnt enough power to run it at a higher speed. Also i was told that running 3 DIMMS makes it harder to achieve a higher FSB than i could with runing less that true? either way..i cant figure out why i cant raise it up any higher..its kinda frustrating :(
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