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I have a samsung s27a950d gaming monitor. How can I play playstation 2 on it? I miss playing kingdom hearts and final fantasy X. Monitor has an HDMI, DVI dual link and a Displayport.
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  1. All those connectors are digital only. Your monitor has no analogue video inputs. PS2 is an analogue output only, namely composite video. If you have a TV card in your computer you could send the PS2 signal to that and send it out again via your GFX card's output to your monitor.

    I haven't seen a standalone box that does composite to (any digital)

  2. They make Composite to HDMI and Component to HDMI converters. However, the cheap ones are pretty junky and the good ones are $50+. You have have to weed through some reviews to see if people have had good experiences with a particular model. Do you not have another TV that you could hook this up to? Most HD TV's have both a Component and Composite inputs. I have my old PS2 hooked up via a $5 set of Component PS2 cables I got on eBay. Looks goods pretty decent when set to widescreen.
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