Morrowind PC issue (help)

I have the Morrowind GOTY edition (non-steam/disk version) and whenever I attempt to play the game I encounter unbearable lag. The game will constantly pause and play so much so that makes it totally un-playable, the only parts which are smooth are the loading screens. The game plays for roughly 0.05 seconds and freezes for 0.50 seconds. This has only happened since I got my new PC, if it helps the specs are - i5 2500k @ 3.3GHz stock, 1GB geforce 460 v2, 8GB RAM, 700w PSU and Corsair H60 cooler. I have tried googling for hours but no luck. If anyone could help me I would be forever grateful :)
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  1. rpg_poser said:

    Yep, I'm on version 1.6.1820 :)
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