Skyrim freezing

skyrim freezes when i start it. it goes perfectly fine until I get to the screen where it is displaying random facts and my level is at the top (I am level one cause i havent played yet) and there is a object on the right I wait for 1-2 minutes then it freezes i have tried restarting my computer but it doesn\'t work. I have turned down the graphics quality and the resolution! Someone HELP! :fou:
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  1. Does your PC even meet the Requirements?
  2. PC specs?
  3. Try re-installing, or verifying the game cache through Steam. To to this, right click on Skyrim in Steam>Click Properties>Local Files tab>Verify Integrity of game cache
    It'll scan for any missing files, and if there are any, it'll install them.
  4. Might have been the MODS you were running, somehow they might have corrupted some of the Files and Steam didnt recognize them
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