GTA 4 Slow Motion Movie?

I have an HP Pavilion Mangnesium Gray Edition p6654y.
AMD Athlon II 630 Quad-Core Processor.
4 GB DDR system memory.
750 GB hard drive
ATI Radeon HD 4200 intergrated graphics.
Windows 7- 64 bit.

I obviously don't know what i'm doing. I have all the in game settings turned to low & the game still runs like a slow motion movie. I'd really like to have it run like all the guys on youtube where it looks as if it's on an xbox. Please help! Tell me what to change or what i need to upgrade.


P.S- Please no harsh comments we were all noobs at one point.
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  1. Your problem is your integrated graphics.

    A discrete graphics card is needed to run games well.

    Bare in mind though, GTA IV is a miserable console port, and doesnt run well even on high-end gaming PCs.
  2. would you reccomend one?
  3. Id need to know your motherboard and power supply unit (PSU) to recommend one, because it would rely on what expansion slots you have available and the level of power (in watts) you have to supply the card with.
  4. Assuming this is the spec
    I suggest you get a new power supply for any graphics card as 250W is not enough. With a new power supply you can add any graphics card you like. Its hard to recommend one without a budget but reading this will give you a good idea,review-32481.html
  5. Forgot to say depending on which card you go for a good make (like Corsair or Antec) 400-600W power supply will be needed.
  6. Your motherboard has the right slot (PCI-E x16) for any graphics card but..

    Your PSU (Power Supply) is only and unbranded 250w. Modern graphics cards will demand at least 400 watts is order to supply them with enough power, though mid-high end cards usually require 500w.

    A 500w PSU + AMD Radeon 6850 would be a nice upgrade for you
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