NEED new game to play

i'm soo bored of the games i have and have been playing, i need some suggestions as to games to get to play to keep me occupied till half life 2, deus ex2, and doom 3 FINALLY come out. some of the games i really have enjoyed have been half life, red faction, deus ex, system shock 2, basically fps's with cool story lines and unique game play.
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  1. I know what you mean Ris3n, but I'm more of a RPGer(I've been playing Daggerfall). I know you have played Max Payne but have you tried FallOut I or II? These can be bought bundled in the discount box.
    I hear someone is doing a remake of System Shock 2. I didn't ever find a link to this though.


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  2. Roll on DNF. All games will pale in comparison to the Duke's latest!

    I hear it should be out within the decade. *cracks knuckles*
  3. Tron 2.0 has been getting pretty good reviews. And Unreal Tournament always helps to pass the time.
  4. Alot of people are playing Vietnam.

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  5. I often find going back to the Original "Descent" is alot of fun, especially if you get 3d Hardware-rendered version like D1x or D1_3dfx. Nastalgia is so MUCH fun!

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  6. I'm about halfway through Tron 2.0 and its been really fun. Its a FPS with some "roleplaying" elements (i.e. upgrading abilities as you go along). It was done by the same folks (Monolith) who did NOLF & NOLF2, so the story is halfway decent (if somewhat cheesy) and the gameplay is somewhat similar. Also, for a quick fix, download the recently released demo for "Call Of Duty".
  7. I'm just about done chaser. It's a good fps, with a pretty good story, pretty good graphics, and lot's of game playing time (as in you won't beat it in 2 days). It's not the best game ever made, but I think it is definetly worthy of playing through once or twice.
  8. If you haven't played Jedi Knight II it's a great game.

    Freelancer is a space shooter that I had a lot of fun with that plays more like a regular FPS than Descent or its ilk, and also has a strong single player story and some RPG elements in the multiplayer (upgrading weapons, trading, etc.).

    I haven't played much of the single player Tron2.0, I've been busy derezzing fools online with my frisbee. :cool:
  9. do you mean vietcong??

    and i just remembered i have fallout 2 installed.......but i've never played it.....
  10. Another vote for Tron 2.0. OMG the Progress Bar is badass. Especially if you have nice sound card/speakers.

    Monolith is such a solid company. Always keep an eye out for any of their releases.


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  11. i like FPS games.
    Are there any games in these genre that looks interesting?

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  12. Let's see...Tron 2.0, Chaser, Halo PC, and Chrome. Look for these games. All FPS.


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  13. Yea that's it

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  14. This probably isn't what you're looking for but if you like a good story line and are willing to try something new and different check out Mafia. I think it is the best game I have ever played, and the graphics were INCREDIBLE IMO.

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  15. is Halo PC already available?

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  16. i've read it in pc-gamer, looks good too.
    Not that too much impress with the graphics in MAFIA.

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  17. I played through Unreal 2 recently and although it's a very pretty game graphics-wise it just wasn't very fun. Just started on Star Trek: Elite Force II and it's fun so far. I played through the first couple of missions in Postal 2 and quit (got tired of bashing innocent pedestrians' skulls in with a shovel, if you like the senseless violence part of GTA and Carmageddon then you'll love this game). I also had a lot of fun with Ghost Recon, though it's more of a tactical shooter than a straight up FPS.

  18. thanks for more fps selection. Maybe i'll take a look with
    tron 2.0 for a while and GTA.

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  19. According to, Halo PC is set for a Sept. 30th release.

    Also look for MOHAA: Breakthrough, which is the 2nd add-on to MOHAA. The first being Spearhead. Breakthrough is scheduled for a Sept. 22nd release.


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  20. While I realize your looking for a game, I'd recommend reading a book. I'm not being a smartass or anything, I'm serious.
    Check out one by Raymond E. Feist.. I started reading those recently and enjoy them.

    Years ago there were some Sierra games based on the series (Betrayal at Krondor, Return to Krondor), thats why I remembered them when I needed something to do.. so I picked up the nearest author I'd heard of.

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  21. Feist, wow I read most of his stuff when I was in High School... over 10 years ago. But your right it's an excellent series.
  22. Army Men is cool...I just started playing that....uber fun...SARGE IS DEAD!!!

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  23. Also Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan, Terry Brooks, and the King and Queen of All that is Fantasy......David & Leigh Eddings. :)

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  24. Robert Jordan Rocks!!! THe "wheel of time" series is some of the best fiction of all time...

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  25. hehe i'd noramlly agree but i've read like 15 books in the last 2 months because i've had no games to play. but one of my favorite authors is charles sheffield (ithink that's how you spell it) he writes some great science fiction :D
  26. Chrome demo is at Free of charge.


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    "I just can't live without rageahol." - Homer Simpson
  27. Hm, well sounds like you go thru lots of media fast.

    Ive been playing Hitman2 lately. Older game but I missed it when it came out. Kickass though.

    Other games I've found worth your time would be Neverwinter Nights, all the hoopla and hype is true about that one.
    I enjoy Majesty and Majesty The Northern Expansion also... pretty fun RTS game but with an entirely different twist to them. You don't control your henchmen. Its good, esp if your tired of traditional RTS like I am.

    Thats been plenty of games for me until HL2 comes out.

    EQ is classic fun if you've got some friends that play it... start some new lvl1s and group together.

    I'm still finishing up college so homework keeps me busy most of the time. :smile:

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  28. Books. I read lots of books.

    <b>Ender's game</b> - Orson Scott Wells
    <b>Ringworld</b> - Larry Niven
    <b>A World Out Of Time</b> - Larry Niven
    <b>Protector</b> - Larry Niven

    Larry Niven is the best Sci Fi writer of all time, folks. His universes are so detailed and complete that he can make you laugh along with jokes about the state of things in his future world. But he's known primarily as a "hard science" fiction writer. Check out the books, you won't be sorry. :cool:
  29. ender's game is by orson scott CARD, hehe. yeah i've read that whole series, including the one about bean, except for the newest one, shadow puppets, speaking of which i need to email my friend about borrowing that.......
  30. Enders game was very good...but I didn't enjoy the following two nearly as much. THose little piggies really creeped me out. And the way those obsessive compulsive Japanese people were exploited made me mad...
    LE Modesitt Jr.'s Recluse series is also very good.

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  31. I haven't heard of an engine rebuild for System Shock2 but Etienne Aubert has produced some nice high-res models for SS2 (link below).

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  32. "Stranger In A Strange Land" by Robert Helenian???sp
    Written in the mid 50's, is considered the sifi bible by some.

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  33. Hehehehehh, Orson Scott Wells. :tongue:
  34. i don't know i liked the thought provoking-ness of the other 2(3?) but he did start a new series with the ames characters for the battle school place, and the first three focus on what bean did in battle school, pretty much the same time line as enders game, but from bean's perspective, and what happened to him. then the other books go into what happened to him after he got out of battle school. i thought they were really good.
  35. i heard the name before but i've never heard much about it, or hwat it's about. i'll have to look for it :D
  36. Stano, it was published in 1961 so you were very close.
    SiFi bible for me no, for the people just getting in SiFI it was, but a great book anyways. For me the SiFi bible would be "Brave New World" written in the 1930s by Aldus Huxley. Maybe HG Wells, Jules Verne.

    "Stranger in a Strange Land", by Heinlien to me reflected what was going on in the Beatnik world which became the Yippie or Hippie world. Very good book, good SiFi but more of a comment on what was happening in the late 50's early 60s in the world.

    A series I just read was the Clash of the Kings, triology, I cant find the books now for the authors name. It was a good fantasy book.

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  37. Will Rock full game is pretty good, much more than the demo, its a Serious Sam type clone.

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