Battlefield 3 multiplayer seems boring (not a troll)

Ok, so I have never played a Battlefield game before. I finally decided to get Battlefield 3 after hearing how awesome the multiplayer is. I also wanted to check out the graphics.

Well, single player was pretty boring as expected, so I decided to check out the multiplayer and... was completely underwhelmed. Here are my main concerns:

1) It seems like there is a lot of time spent doing pretty much nothing. It can take a while to find any action, and then I often die and it takes a long time to find action again, repeat.

2) I also feel like I am really underpowered compared to other players. I understand that I can "level up" and get better gear, but it seems kind of backwards to give the most inexperienced players the worst gear. That just makes it harder for new players to get into the game. You should get better because your skill increases, not because the game gives you better stuff.

3) Reviews seem to mention the great teamwork and strategy involved. Well, I fail to see this. When there are 32 players on my team, how am I actually supposed to communicate or coordinate any sort of strategy? I certainly haven't experienced anyone talking to me or trying to help coordinate any kind of strategy with me.

Overall, it just seems kind of boring. I honestly wanted to like this game, but I just don't see the appeal.

Am I missing something? Seriously, I actually want to know if I am somehow doing something wrong. What is it that makes this game fun?
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  1. 1 - When you learn the maps a bit you wont spend long at all to find action

    2 - The most OVERPOWERED weapon currently is the m16A3 a starter gun it has a silly rate of fire and almost no recoil kill a few people with it to unlock the first few unlocks and enjoy.

    3 - If you want teamwork find a squad or clan and use Teamspeak.

    Give the game a little more of a chance remember its been out a while now so many of the people you are up against know the game well, until you learn it a bit yourself your going to be fodder to people.

    Try servers with a max rank (thats actually enfoced) if you search =sass= in the server browser they have a max rank 35 server that is a good place to learn.
  2. unlike the bf3 battlelog forums your quite welcome to give a honest opinion.
    you may get an enthusiastic retort but it wont be abusive... people here can express a difference in ideas without it resulting in name calling. why? because your opinions are your opinions and thats all...
    so if you dont like it then thats your rite. some will agree some wont, its all good because if we all liked the same games they would feed us the same garbage every year without ever evolving it.
  3. what makes the game fun is team chat and banter on t.s finding a squad or clan is 1 of the best ways to enjoy the game... play on a server regularly and say hello to the guys running it. after a few weeks they may ask you to join them or if they have a forum they will tell you whats what on there...
    getting to know players is really the best part of online gaming. so breaking the ice and going from there is the way to get the most out of the games.
  4. 1) It is very easy to come to that conclusion if you play 32 player Conquest Large on the huge maps like Caspian Border. If that sort of gameplay isnt for you , then simply go on to your server filter settings and turn those games off. If you want non-stop action, change your server filters to a 64 player Rush game. Hell, if you want absolute non-stop madness, turn your filters to a 64 player Rush game on Metro. Literally insane! Maps such as Seine Crossing, Damavand Peak and Grand Bazaar offer a nice balance.

    2) Its impossible to be underpowered, the Assault/Medic starter weapon - the M16A3 - is the most popular weapon in the game, in fact, its still my most used weapon and Ive had the game since day 1. If you really feel this way though, then just buy one the weapon packs; for a small amount of money you can unlock all the weapons for that class.

    3) Teamwork can be, as you say, hard to come by. Thats because for some reason DICE dint provide the PC community with in-game VOIP. Still don't know why. But the easiest way to get around this is simply to head over to the forums and find a recruitment post - There are literally thousands of Platoons that are offering places in their community. Its exactly what I did when i first started playing, and all these months later, Im still playing with the same group of people.

    Trust me, give it a chance, take the above advice and you should see your opinion of the game change :)
  5. Ok. This is sounding like some good advice.

    I'll give Rush games a shot for more action, and try to learn the maps.

    I'll take another look at the M16A3. I think I might not have used it much because I assumed the starting default wouldn't be that good.

    I might try to find some sort of squad to join or something. The problem there is that it sounds like a lot of a hassle to arrange something like that outside of the game. Most good online games I have played, I have been able to find players within to communicate and work with inside the game itself. I also don't want anything where I really need to commit to playing at certain times or whatever. I start teaching this year, so my gaming time will probably be pretty limited.

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I'll give it another shot and see what I think.
  6. Great :)

    About the playing at certain times thing, yeah you will find platoons that play competitively, by there are just as many that are just casual communities of players that just like to play with other for fun - which is exactly the type of platoon Im in.

    If youd like to check it out, head over to and click the 'Join Us' tab :)

    We have over 200 members, our own Team Speak 3 server and our own Battlefield sever (currently a 48 player city map server, but we change it every now and then).
  7. Might check it out after I finish my last project for grad school (hopefully tonight)! lol
  8. I will try not to repeat all the good advice mentioned above. But I got this game day one and played it quite a bit up to about a few months ago, I needed a break and was getting a little frustrated. I think I just needed a break from FPS games.

    1)BF3 can accommodate a lot of different playing styles. As mentioned certain maps are very large and conquest large maps you can find your self traveling to action. However, a lot of people like this action. This is how previous Battlefield (not Bad Company) games always were. You use vehicles to transport to battle locations. If you like more fast paced action, smaller maps in Rush mode are fun. The Team Death matches are also just shootem up maps. Just try different maps and game modes. Once you learn what is what you will know what you are getting yourself into before you join a game.

    2) As mentioned, most of the starting guns are no less powerful than the ones you unlock later on. There are some cool items you can add on to make things better like scopes, tools, etc. However, I find myself using an iron sight sometimes just so the scope isn't blocking my view. It's all about learning the guns and what works in certain situations. I hang back in Metro with a scoped G3 on semi-auto and used it as a sniper rifle. It may not be super effective, but it's what I like. Other times I will grab a belt fed and hold down a hallway and let the meat come to me. The real key is know what the kits are good at and where they are effective.

    3) I really do wish they had an in game communicator that would let you talk to your squad. BF2142 had this and it was great. You could talk to your squad, the squad leader could talk to you and the commander (I REALLY MISS THE COMMANDER ROLE!). Team Speak is a good tool if you join a clan or platoon. A good suggestion was to find a server that has good admins and just play a lot on it. They will notice you are there and probably drop you an invitation. There are also servers that advertise their team speak IP in the game chat. I have noticed probably 3-4 months after the game came out people started to stray away from cooperative play to "it's all about me" play. I think this is because COD people started migrating to BF. There are still a lot of traditional players out there that you can team up with and have open invites to there clans.
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  10. Just see the end game videos on YouTube. Damn, they have put dirt bikes in the game.
    They plant C4s on the bike, take it over the ramp to the low-hovering enemy heli, and boom. :D

    I find this game awesome, because this game is different from the other FPS Multi-players. You can play the game in your style. There's a lot to do, rather than the run and shoot that we usually see in the counterparts.

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