Battlefield 3 Vram Leak Solved

I have been frustrated by the vram leak in BF3 for a long time now. I searched a lot for a solution without success. Always hoping that the next drivers would solve it.
My issue was that my GTX460 1GB could max out BF3 at 1600x900 but the vram usage kept on increasing to 99-100% after which FPS fell to single digits and led to massive stuttering. I know that there are many people out there with the same issue.
What I found that if the game is already in Ultra when it starts, this problem occurs. So if I reduce it to Low while quitting and set it to Ultra after restarting, I get a constant 60fps on 1600x900 Ultra 4xMSAA. Hope this works for others.
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  1. basically your clearing out the vram so it can be used as and when instead of it being delegated at the outset. so when you increase the settings the game figures out what is actually needed rather than having the set amount predetermined by the people who wrote the game.
    also when you change the settings on the fly some dont get activated (this is what frees up the ram and is the reason your game play is smoother) even though you have enabled them, as they require a restart for them to take effect. this is the reason you keep having to set to low and then quit and put the settings back to high. better you figure out what settings you can consistently run at then stick to em. also use something like the bf3 config creator.
  2. problem for me is even on low settings after a while. every message in the chatbox causes me a cpu spike. The only option for me seems to be play onlike 600-700 ticke servers.

    I don't think its an overheating issue. because i can play a half dozen matches in a row with 600 tickets on 64 man fly maps. but one match at 1200 tickets? And especial if theres alot of people chatting. i start hitching due to the chat box.

    I don't understand what causes this. I've heard of vram leak. but when i check with gpu-z it only says around 600 on medium settings. and under 900 on high settings. i lower my resolution and settings and get much more fps. but it doesn't sovle the lag spikes i get after gaming a while on a long ticket server.

    could gpu-z just be reading my v ram usage wrong.

    I even upgraded to 8gb ddr3 ram and i still get the issue.

    ati hd 5870 1gb.
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