How to install fallout new vegas using a cd

Hello, I have been trying to install fall out new vegas to my pc using a retail disc i boutght from wallmart and when I put it in it sounds like it starts to run then sputters out and nothing happens but this doesnt happen with any of my other games so pleas tell me why it wont work is there like a process that i have to go through mabey a bad disc or something
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  1. Could be a bad disc, or it's just your player that's not reacting well to that certain disc; try a friend's player and see if the game installer initializes, to determine if it's a bad disc case or your player acting up.
  2. Look for smudges on the DVD and them clean if there are any.

    As mentioned above, you can insert the disc into another PC so find out if the installer launches. If it does on that machine, but not on your PC, then you may have an issue with your DVD drive.

    If the other computer does not recognize the DVD, then it is likely the DVD itself is damaged and you should go back to Walmart to ask for an exchange.
  3. open the disk folder in computer. find setup.exe and run it with admin privs...
    enter your key and that should be it...
    if the disk spins up and then doesnt auto start its likely you have it turned off in the registry... check here for some FAQ's about cd/dvd/bdr autoplay.
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