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I am preparing to build a new AMD system, and I was wondering about thermal compound. I was thinking about either AS2 or AS3, but here's the real question... I am going to be overclocking, and as new coolers come out, I may want to purchase them and swap the heatsink or fan, or both. I have heard from some sites that once the compound is on the cpu core, it is going to hold the heatsink on tehre. Not that this is a really bad thing, but how can I get around this? If I am going to be switching heatsinks, I am not gonna want to crack the CPU core for obvious reasons. Is this something that a shim will fix/prevent? Thanks for your help...
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  1. If your going to be doing a lot of chip swapping then a shim would be a good idea.

    The newer AMD CPUs have pads to keep the HSF level on the die. I suppose you can't (or wouldn't want to) use a shim with these.

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  2. AS2 and 3 isn't a glue far as I know so I don't see how it would glue your heatsink to your CPU.

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  3. AndrewT is correct. Make sure you obtain thermal compound NOT
    thermal adhesive.

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  4. Yes, i almost fukked up my CPU using thermal pads from Dragon ORB3.
    AVOID USING THERMAL PADS, use Thermal compunds (quality ones).

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  5. As long as you get a shim with holes for the pads it's not a problem. I'm using AS3, as is my roomate - when we switched his from Quicksilver II to AS3 his temp dropped by an amazing amount for just switching thermal compound. I don't have numbers b/c he keeps changing his CPU speed - but somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-6F - maybe more! It doesn't cost that much more than other stuff. has the best prices I have seen. (about 8 bucks w/ shipping)
  6. Thanks guys... you answered my question...

    AS3 w/shim it is!
  7. shims are good because you dont have to worry about the core getting crushed.
    and arctic silver 3 is good.
    so if you get a nice shim, and some arctic silver 3, you should be in business.
    just make sure that the shim is straight, and FLAT...if it is not flat, then it can cuase the heatsink to not make contact.
    put the shim on a piece of flat glass or a flat table, and see if it is flat. then put it on the cpu.
    i suggest putting the arcitc silver on, then the shim, then the heatsink.
    that will ensure that the arctic silver is only on the core and the heatsink.
    because i wouldnt want to have to clean the shim, and risk bending it.
    but you should be all good with that setup, and be able to move your computer with no worries! :smile:


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