Which one is better?

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  1. The Samsung has the better CPU & Graphics card so is definitely the best for gaming. Not sure what you mean about practical, I don't think there is anything less practical about it compared to the HP. I have not seen any new models but the older series the Samsung were much better than HP.
  2. Samsung > HP


    i7-3610 > i7-2670

    8GB RAM > 6GB RAM

    GT 650m > GT 630m
  3. 650m is very powerfull then 630. and graphic card can't upgradable in a laptop but memory and storage is upgradable easily!

    so get it.


    GTX 630M GTX 650M

    Dirt 3 51 fps 80 fps

    Battlefield 3 16 fps 32 fps

    Fifa 12 106 fps 183 fps

    (at high settings)
  4. Hope it helped.
  5. the samsung by some margin. the price may not warrant the difference though.although by the looks of it the weaker 1 is overpriced so there may not be that much of a difference.
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