Could I player DayZ on my computer

Hey planning to get this for some fun with my friends.

Checking if I can run it from some smart people because I heard Arma 2 isn't really made well so it takes a little more power then it should.

Il lable everything important

Intel Core i5 2400 at 3.1ghz
8gb Ram
Nvidia GTX 560

I will also at first be playing the game at 1400x1050 until I buy a new monitor.

So will it work at 1400x1050?
Will it work at 1920x1080?

I want to get at least 60fps, I've tried to play BF3 on ultra and I get like 40fps minimum but I can't handle it because most of the time I play at med on BF3 and get like 100FPS so I guess I do notice the difference.

Not trying to act like a scrub, my PC isn't the most powerful by a long shot but I want to at least be able to play it at all settings maxed out and get close to 100fps. Any info on the matter? Maybe not completely maxed(AA and Tessellations ect)

If I missed out anything just ask and this will be edited! Thanks! :)
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  1. Forget a solid 100FPS but you do know unless you have a 120Hz monitor you can only see 60FPS a game may say its giving 100FPS but your screen only shows 60.

    Coding is horrible with Arma 2 and DayZ so the answer should be you can run high/very high mix (with lowered AA) at a decent FPS (the magic 60 isnt so important for Arma over 40 and your all good its not a fast paced arcade shooter), however in reality be prepared to have weird unexplained FPS dips (especially in DayZ)
  2. But at least if you have 100fps the "dips" will be less noticeable. I would also like to ask, I know its not so important in Arma but will I be able to get 60-100fps? I mean 40 is much more then playable but in terms if possibility, could I get it higher?
  3. You'll be fine. I play it on a 6870 and get pretty good frames...
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    lock the fps at 60 reduce your settings so your minimum fps is 60 and you wont have any dips. if you have it set to 100+ fps any dip you have down to 40 will be noticeable in fact any seasoned pc player will tell you if you get any fps droop you will notice it but its better to get a dip of 10 fps over 50 as the game will be overall smoother.
    so limiting your upper fps means you will be less likely to hit 100% gpu usage. by doing so will limit any chance of getting a big fps droop thus limiting the need to reduce settings.
    its better to have an ultra smooth 60 fps than a choppy 100.
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