Every single game I play I get bad FPS ON.


AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2 GHz
Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 OC

The GPU never even reaches 50% load and CPU never reaches full load yet I get horrible FPS. Settings changes yield the same FPS's no matter what. (Texture details, resoluti0n, etc.)

Heres an example

Im just lucky im getting 30 FPS in that screenshot. It usuall is between 15-late 20's in every game.

Also, I scored around 28 HUNDRED IN FUR MARK if that helps...
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  1. It would help a little more if you mentioned exactly the games you tested and how old your computer is.
    Have you tried setting you're power options to high performance?
    On power saver settings, not all of your cpu power is used so it conserves power but also causes lag in games.
    Also maybe tweaking your graphics card catalyst control centre or updating your card might help too
  2. My GPU has its drivers updated to the latest version. I'm also playing on high performance power settings. This happens in LITERALLY every single game I play, SOME worse than OTHERS. My friend who have worse parts than me get much better performance at the same or higher settings.
  3. I'd overclock that CPU. Your CPU is being maxed out, the game cannot use all 4 cores, but at least 2 cores are maxed out.
  4. I tried overclocking it once. I went to 3.7 GhZ and it only raised the FPS by around 3 FPS. Then when I kept it on my computer crashed and it was at 70 C despite having water cooling. When I first got the water cooling it only lowered the temperature by around 1 Degree.
  5. Welcome to the forums.
  6. Its ok we all saw what you said originally :bounce:
  7. You may want to try a CPU test only (no graphics benchmark). You may want to try going through a graphics driver reinstall by completely removing your present one in safe mode and then installing the most recent catalyst driver. Driver sweeper should also help you. I suppose your hard drive has also been defragmented, your system registry has been cleaned and you have virtual memory set to automatic re-sizing. You should probably also go though your system logs (System Event Viewer) and look for any errors and make a note of them. You can post them here. Lets start there for now
  8. What temp does your CPU hit normally? What OS are you running? What games do you get what FPS in? As I think you are aware your GPU is much stronger than your CPU so you will not get the full benefit of it, but you should still get good enough FPS of all games at the right settings and with that Furmark score somethings not right.
  9. Alright airsoft ill try reinstalling drivers as for the system logs, theres no important events other than printer, etc. Simon my CPU idle, stays at around 36-41 celcius and when in games it goes to around 50s-60. Also i run Windows 7. On World of Tanks my average FPS is around 16-30 FPS. On Battlefield 3 I get around 30's-40's FPS which isnt really playable. On Fable 3 i get around 10's-20's FPS (in the cities). On ARMA 2 and Operation Arrowhead i get around 10-30's on normal settings.
  10. Would you mined installing unigine heaven benchmark and running that for me please and post your results? run using tesselation off with everything else at high settings. What resolution are you currently displaying at? You dont have multiple monitors do you?
  11. Nah I have a 25 inch LED Monitor playing at 1920 x 1080 resolution and sure Ill go and download that

    Thats the score I got
  13. Oh sorry I had tesselation on ill try it again

    Ok heres without tesselation
  14. my guess is its a cpu bottleneck... bump the cpu core freq to 3.2 - 3.4 and see if the fps picks up, if it does then you have a cpu bottleneck and the only way to get rid of it is run the oc constantly or swap platform to intel where you have way less chance of a cpu bound bottleneck affecting the system due to higher performance per clock. in some cases its as much as 50% difference.
    phenom 2 is only as good as the core 2 quad on a per core basis. so anything past a 570 will likely give your problems if your using an older cpu.
    you could swap for a fx but really you will be swaping a good cpu out for something that will give inconsistent results. on highly demanding games it will be fine but on less demanding games the bottleneck will come back. so jumping platform may be your only choice if you keep that gfx card.
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