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I have been using the rat 7 for a few months now, the laser seems to go wonky every once in a while but my biggest complaint is the horizontal side button layout. My thumb is just too freakishly long to reach the back button even when I extend the side out as long as it goes. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a gaming mouse with stacked side buttons? Also rocks it if has on the fly dpi switches. I don't get why almost every mouse has the horizontal buttons, seems stacked would be easier to hit for anyone. I appreciate and response and thank you for reading.
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  1. One other quick thing, has anyone here tried the razer naga hex? Lots of extra buttons is always handy when playing mmos and the hex config of the buttons looks easier to use than the giant grid of the naga. Can the side buttons just be bound in game or do they require a program to get them to work in game?
  2. I own original naga with 12 side buttons. I might say that I can reach 9 of them without any problems, and last 3 requires me to bend my thumb more (took a bit of effort at first, but I got used to it).
  3. The Microsoft Sidewinder mouse has vertically stacked buttons (2).
  4. yep the sidewinder has great side button placement. the mouse tracking isnt to shabby either. 25-35 will get you a mid range model that will be very acceptable.
    i must admit i find the contagions thumb buttons a bit hmmm, as well. i dont even use the thumb scroll wheel.
  5. The logitech g700 has side buttons, however they are very easy to press if you hold it with a claw like grip, even has a place to rest your thumb under the buttons. It also has four buttons on top, default is set to dpi changing on the fly. Up to five different levels in fact, you get to set what the levels are. The side buttons are not exactly what you asked for, I myself took a while to find a position to hold the mouse and press the buttons with.

    If you are a person who likes to rest their hands on the mouse all the time, this mouse may not be good. The way I found to hold the mouse was to pull my hand back and sort of hold the mouse with my fingertips with my thumb just under the buttons allowing for access to them quickly. However the buttons don't get in the way whenever I'm web-browsing and I wan't to hold the mouse normally.

    It is wireless but it can work as wired with the charging cord, and unlike most wireless mice this mouse loses no response time in wireless mode.

    Did not mean to go into review mode, wanted to give you my thoughts on this option. This mouse has very easy to reach buttons if the mouse is held in a claw like grip.

    Edit: OH you meant stacked buttons, I thought you meant top buttons. Silly me. Yeah this mouse has four buttons on the side, two rows of 2 stacked on top of each other.
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