GTA IV Running slow but not taking up recources.

My name is Alex, my computer is having some trouble running GTA IV, I have an AMD Phenom II x2 555BE paired with 4GB ddr3 ram and an ATI Radeon hd 4670 1GB. The game only takes up 400MB/1GB on the settings I chose, and it only takes up 50% of the CPU. and 3GB of the ram. (And I set the game lower than the recommended settings for my computer.) I'm attempting to run it at Medium Textures, low quality shadows, very high reflection resolution, 1680x1050, low quality water, view and detail distance both at 10, Vehicle density at 1. and the FPS I'm getting ranges from 15-25 FPS. Thanks in advance!
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    Don't bump post.

    Also, download MSI afterburner and check GPU usage. Though I would not expect much from HD 4670, it's a low end GPU..
  3. reduce the view/detail distance to 4 and you'll be fine.
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  5. I just bought a Radeon HD 6950 and a Phenom II x4 965. Do you guys think I'll get good performance on the game now? and what detail settings will I be able to run it at?
  6. No idea about detail settings, but it should run decently.
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