Games running in slow motion on my laptop

Hey guys!

As I say in the title of this thread, games on my laptop have been running in "slow motion" for the past couple of days, like literally slow motion. This issue is very weird because when I plug in my external display it seems to run perfectly, but as soon as I unplug it and try to play a game, its extremely slow, not an overall slow but only slow motions for games.. I've checked my cpu usage and its at about 12-15% but my memory usage is at about 44% (2.45gb) which seems abnormal since im only browsing the web. My graphic card drivers are also up to date so i doubt the issue could be that. So im absolutely clueless about this issue.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Your laptop could be overheating when you're playing.
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  2. Thank you the quick answer! Do you have any idea how I can check my computer's temp? And if its over heating do you have any idea of how this can be fixed?
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  3. You can use HWmonitor to check whether it's overheating. You can download it from
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  4. SpeedFan can also check temperatures and can increase your fan speed.
    Are you running windows vista? That operating system is a memory hog.
    Had this been happening only recently or for a long time?
    It might be hardware acceleration but I'm not sure because your operating system is unclear.
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  5. Sorry for not telling you guys, Im running on windows 7 and its been going on for quite some time now.
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  6. so you say that it only happens when the external monitor is not plugged in? it runs fine with the external monitor? could you also give your laptop specs and tell what games you play?
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  7. ^ Yes, I was just about to ask for his specs :)
    PC Games are becoming more and more advance these days, and your specs might not be optimal to play them, although I doubt that is the problem.

    It is most likely a heating problem and if all else fails you can take apart your laptop and clean the fan on your mobo and things like that.
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