Is my CPU overheating?

Lately, the weather is warming up where I live and my system temp shot up considerably. System temp before is 19C and is now 28C, CPU temp before is 36C and is now 54C.

I have a Athlon XP 1700+ non-overclock on my Abit KR7A-Raid being cool by a TT Volcano6 Cu with Artic Silver 2 applied. My case is a Enlight 7237 with 350watts cool by 1 intake fan and 1 exhaust fan.

The problem is whenever I now run 3DMark2000 or 2001, my system sometimes freezes, give me a error message, or exited the program automatically and revert back to my desktop like I haven't run the program in the first place. A similar thing happen when I was playing Half-Life and the program exited automatically, or freezes all together with a sound that kept on repeating itself. Is this a sign of overheating?
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  1. Maybe you applied AS2 poorly. I reccomend you to place one extra exaust fan bellow the case power suplly, also if you have some high speed graphic card you should put Titan SEB (low noise) bellow it to extract hot air from graphic accelerator directly out of the case.

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  2. what are you useing to read your temps? (im gussin MBM 5)

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  3. I'm using the Winbond Hardware Doctor utility that came with my mobo to read the temp. Right now, I'm running with the side open and system temp drop to 25C and CPU drop to 45C. I'm guessing it's due to bad case cooling. All the cable are rerouted, with 1 intake and 1 exhaust fan already install. I can't install any more fan cause there are no more space and I don't want to do any case modding.
  4. have you moved your case around?? you might have not had the HS clipped in all the way. make sure that the HS is mounted flush with the chip. What is your room temps?

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  5. Mine-
    P4 1.6AG overclock 2128MHz,Vcore 1.65V,current cpu temp---56C

    It's overheating?
  6. Yes, JIMLAI that's a bit high. Right now I'm running my 1.6A at 1.76v and 2.4Ghz. My temps are 42C idle and 50C full load. I'm using an Alpha 8045 heatsink but my voltage and proc are set higher than you, so your temps should be close to mine right now with the stock HS. Get some better thermal compound and air flow.

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  7. not to sound totally insane but have U tryed to uninstall UR graphics drivers/game & then reinstall ???
    ...cause my system runs hotter than yours playing Serious Sam 2 (57 Degree C) fairly stable (only crashed twice thru the whole game, was me gfx fault, had detail too high... oops)

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  8. Dear aarona,thanks for your offer,but Alpha 8045 heatsink maybe too noisy.However,i try to put another fan upon the cpu cooler,but it's doesn't work very well.
    Mayby i need water cooler.

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  9. If your temps dropped that much with the side off, then you definitely have an airflow problem. Two cheap and easy fixes.

    1) Cut out the steel grill in front of intake fan and behind the bezel. Skeptical? Try this test first: Put your hand behind your intake fan and feel how much airflow you're getting. Now unscrew that same fan from the case while the computer is running and see how much of an increase you get. Not very scientific, but you really will feel the difference.

    2) Replace your case fans with ones that will push more air. These will be noisier, but you can minimize this increase with a quality fan like a Papst or Panoflow.

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