Will it run Skyrim on ultra settings ?

Hi .
So i wanted to ask if i could run Skyrim on ultra settings id be glad if 50 fps and stable.

My rig is :
Amd Phenom x6 1100T @ 3.3 Ghz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 560TI @ 822 Mhz ( underclocked to stock as new drivers wont accept my Oc ) ((301.42))
2 TB of harddrive
4 GB ( 2x 2GB DDR3) RAM
Cooler:Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

I think my graphics card should do fine but my processor isnt the best one around.

So help please.
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  1. processor is fine, gpu weak in my opinion, for ultra. The point in ultra in anything vaguely modern is that is required bleeding edge technology, otherwise its not very ultra. the 560ti (384?) is not bleeding edge. hell a 580 isn't bleeding edge.

    What resolution?

    Why are you bothered by Ultra?
  2. 1024x1280 is my resolution .
    My monitor broke and i found this in the cellar.
    Just do you think i will be able to handle it .
    Skyrim isnt that new game also
  3. You'll be easily able to play it on ultra. I did on my GTX 560 Ti, and I use much higher resolution (1920x1080).
  4. 1280x1024 no problem, still not convinced by higher, my gtx470 cannot.
  5. Lol, at 1024 x 1280 you should be fine. That resolution isn't very demanding.

    Skyrim is pretty CPU intensive though. You may need to turn down your shadows.

    You should get around 50 FPS with that setup at that resolution.
  6. 13thmonkey said:
    1280x1024 no problem, still not convinced by higher, my gtx470 cannot.

    Want me to make a video? :).
  7. not really
  8. ct1615 said:
    +1, my GTX560ti handles it on ultra with no problem. 13th monkey needs to stop giving incorrect opinions and take some time to learn a thing or two about PC hardware.

    OK, I was wrong, its been a while since I've played skyrim, just checked, its smoother off ultra than on it, but the 470 copes. You need to learn a few things about manners.
  9. when the game first came out it was using x86 code so yeah the 470 would have struggled as it was being hamperd by an old cpu api but the community patched it followed by bethista to use sse2 which enabled the 470 to max it out as much as any other decent gfx card. also dx9 implementation was a little sloppy so when it was fixed it meant you could max out the game on much lower spec hardware...
    end result is 13th monkey was rite as the game couldn't be maxed at release. while you are also correct in that it can now be maxed on lower end hardware like the 560ti believe it or not the 560 ti still gets beaten by the 470 in some applications so don't write it off just yet.
  10. Actually the last time I played it was 2 weeks after release. I was able to max it out from day 1..
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