Tually Celly, calling it quits

Powerleap honored their warrantee and sent me a new adapter! Unfortunately, the CPU still won't overclock properly, so I give up.

What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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  1. well, maybe 0.13u processor arent as overclockable as we all thought! they are delicate, they need quite a bit of cooling, the low voltage and the increasing the voltage exponentially increases the temperature risks on the processor. I guess the powerleap adapter isnt quite right for overclocking, putting the Celeron 1.2 GHz on a i815EB board with more room and flexibility for better cooling would get you to the 1.6 GHz target, perhaps higher than that!

    Is that 1.5 GHz the top speed?

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  2. It was a tough balance between voltage and heat. At 1.6GHz/1.85v, it overheated, but the Powerleap adapter did as well, so it could have been the adapter giving the problem. Although the Powerleap SHOULD support 1.85 volts without overheating, I don't think it has the AMPERAGE CAPACITY necessary to do so on this CPU. It could have been a defective unit, but a hunch tells me it was more likely a flaw in the design. I didn't want to burn up another adapater, so I didn't push this one past 1.65v. At that voltage I only got to around 1350MHz. I didn't even bother to check to see if this one was running correct voltage levels either.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  3. It must be the adaptor, or maybe a lemon chip.

    Mine does 1500 at the default voltage with the retail h/s & fan on an Abit ST6. As it's the company file/print server I keep it running at 1200. It'll crunch a SETI workunit in just over 6 hrs @ 1200 compared to over 10 hrs with the celery-1000 workstations.

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  4. Ohh, that sucks. Well, you can always get a 1GHz A Celeron Tually and overclock it to 1333MHz. That should be significantly easier.

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  5. Yes, I'd be willing to swap this to anyone for a Celery 1000 Tualatin. Geeze, that would be perfect, I might be able to get 150FSB with that. If you know anyone who wants a 1200 Tualatin at stock speed, let them know!

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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