Sims 3 expansions no recognised

I have installed sims 3 + several sims 3 expansion packs, computer asked for sims 3 original discs and wont run any expansions
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  1. Are those legit versions of sims 3 and expansions? If not, I'm afraid you won't find any help here because Tom's Hardware does not support piracy.
  2. yes these are legit versions bought from a gaming shop

    I did have these all working on my computer, until i decided to buy a new expansion (Legit as well) .It wouldn't recognise the new expansion disc. so i removed them all The correct way Using the add remove programme, reinstalled them expcept for the new expansions i bought. and now i have this issue
  3. Is the disc it's asking inserted in the computer? If yes and you're still having the issue?

    Then you could download steam or origin, create an account, enter your Sims 3 CD KEY there and it will let you launch it that way without any discs.
  4. after loading some expansions, I try running the game from the latest expansion. the game tells me that the sims original game disc is not in the cd drive and to run the game from that.

    After loading the game none of the expansions that are loaded onto the computer are recognized. only the original game runs
  5. So why cannot you do it with steam or origin?
  6. haven't tried origin. would prefer to get it running properly, without aid of another program. cause I've had it running before
  7. It's something bugging, are you inserting the original expansion DVD? The one you're trying to launch that is.
  8. yeah, even though ive got several expansions loaded, It askes for the original disc (DVD VERSION) and the game runs. still no excpansion run though.
    should be running of the latest expansion if its loaded.

    i can still play the game just with no expansions running
  9. Well, I'd contact EA about this. I suppose they will have more knowledge about it than me. But I'm sure Steam/Origin trick would work.
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