Is it worth the risk??

I have just purchased a SOYO Dragon+ mobo with a XP1900 cpu and 512Mb DDR. I have an Abit gf3 ti200 and a Tt Volcano 7 cpu fan. The whole system lives in a full tower case with plenty of air exchanged. I read the article on the OC'ing of the XP1900 on this site and it seems like the logical thing to do to get the extra performance. However, has anyone seen a noticeable increase in performance that is worth the risk of trashing the chip? (The benchmarks are pretty close)
Also any tips or recomendations on my system would be helpful.

The problem is always with the last thing you check ... so start there first.
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  1. Personally (I'll maybe get hate mail from oc'ers for this :smile: ), I would never buy new parts and overclock them unless I had to.

    e.g. Running a CPU at 133MHz on a BX chipset requires the AGP bus to run at 89MHz. 66MHz is the normal speed of the AGP bus.

    Best to run it until you feel you can happily replace the part if it gets stuffed. Then perhaps you can oc it without regret or worry.

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  2. good thoughts, thanks for the input!

    The problem is always with the last thing you check ... so start there first.
  3. This is what I would do. First, I would backup all the stuff on the hard drives that have value and meaning. Then I would experiment with one increment at a time. One notch in the multiplier, one notch in the FSB, one notch in the voltage.

    You may find that a component doesn't like to take the journey.

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  4. hello, i am considering buying a soyo dragon, how has yours been treating you?

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