Game titles??

just curious on some games that i am missing out on.

I play a little bit of everything.
I prefer games that don't ONLY follow a quest line. games Without levels etc etc.
Games with lot's of freedom. So if I'm bored of the quest I can go off and kill or smash other stuff.
When i had a PS2 I loved the one hulk game cause I could smash and destroy literally ANYTHING and everything I LOVED that game. I can't seem to find any games like that anymore. um games that have a combo thing I always enjoyed. like the DBZ games for PS systems.
I'd like to really find right now a game like that hulk game but with guns and explosives ya know :P
so this way if i do find a game like that hulk game. I can Smash stuff or just blow it up :D

I think the Mercenaries was a decent game never really got a chance to get too far in that game.
HRM Oh and army of 2 I thnk the name was was a good console game is it good for pc as well?
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  1. Prototype/prototype 2
    Witcher/witcher 2
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    Fallout 3/Fallout: New Vegas
  2. I play Fallout 3 when I just wanna go around killing things randomly. I play with a mod which re-spawns areas that I've already been to thus there are infinite monsters / people to kill.
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