Call of duty modern warefare3 directx problem on windows 7

Hi I have a intel core i5 3ghz lga1155 chipset, intel dh61ww motherboard, 4gb ddr3 ram , zotac geforce 9500 gt 1gb ddr2 128 bit direct x 10 supported, os is windows 7 ultimate 32 bit Im having trouble running call of duty mw3 the game runs fine but when it comes 2 videos it gets minimized and gives some direct x error i have the latest directx installed and all my drivers are up to date before i had windows xp on an asus p5nmx 2gb ram intel core 2 duo 2.66 ghz nd the game used 2 run fine now i upgraded as my old pc is not working plz reqiure sum help!!!!!!

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  1. Try reinstalling the DirectX that came with the game.
  2. no it didnt work nd i restart d game one level i finish but when everytime a new video comes directx error pops up nd shuts my game only when i move ahead with a new mission once i restart the game that video will work fine then i finish that level and move ahead agian the error comes when the next level videos starts
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    go into the games options and set the image quality to automatic and texture quality to native.
  4. still it happens and now some things like books pipes apear yellow nd the game has started lagging is it that windows 7 has dx11 installed but my gpu does not support more than dx10 or should i just reinstall the game plz help!!!!!!
  5. every time i procced ahead and when the video of the next mission starts the game minimizes and a error pops up saying directx has encountered an issue click ok to terminate the program plz help GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I think you have a bad copy of the game could be some missing files.
  7. venjhammet said:
    I think you have a bad copy of the game could be some missing files.

    You should definitely use steam to verify your data. This way steam can re-download any missing files.
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