Overclockability of the P4 1.8As???

Anyone have any experience overclocking the P4 1.8As?

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  1. i've overclocked 3 1.8a cpus on asus p4t-e mobo. at the max voltage which the bios says it 1.65 but the probe says is 1.6 only one of the chips ran stable at 2.4ghz. this was with stock cooling. the others ran between 2.2 and 2.3. with voltage mod i'm sure any will do 2.4. however the rdram i had couldn't run that fast so i had to set the rdram multiplier to 3x instead of 4x.
  2. hey zero, why did you pick the asus p4t-e over the abit board? i was think i would get the abit board since everyone here seems to recomend it but i do have a long standing histroy with asus, it been treating you well? and what kind of rdram did you ahve that couldn't handle the speed?

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  3. the reason i went with asus is i buy from techdata/ingram micro and they don't carry abit(who the hell knows why). i tried samsung and kingston rimms and netther could do 1066 but could both do about 930mhz. i never found a spot in the bios to turn up the rdram voltage. other than that the board kicks ass although i found until u flash the bios the jumper free mode doesn't work correctly.
  4. OK, I am a newbie, so go easy. I have a question about my new P4 1.8A GHz. I also have a P4T-E Asus motherboard, and PC800 RDRAM.

    I get everything set up and turned on, and I start running some diagnostics. They all say I am running at 1.983GHz. It takes me a while to figure this out (and in fact I still haven't).

    My BIOS is set to 1760MHz, and the mobo is set to jumper free (default). By manually setting up the jumpers, I am able to get it to 1.8GHz no problem. But do I want to? Is 1.98GHz going to adversly affect anything? I have the standard P4 heatsink/fan that came in th P4 box. The Asus Probe utility that came with the mobo says that my CPU is running at 54-56°C anyway, regardless of the clockspeed, and that the mobo is at 28-29°C.

    Does any of this make sense, do I need to change anything, and what speed would be safe to run my P4 at? Any info, advice, or help wouf be greately appreciated.
  5. got set it back to aotu detect and see what multipler it brings up

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