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I have no experience in overclocking and i wonder how do i overclock a compaq presario 5900T p3 733mhz
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  1. i doubt you could....OEM pc manufacturers (ie dell, gateway, compaq, etc....)rarely put overclocking features on their motherboards to keep the computer prices low...
    your compaq probably doesnt have settings in the BIOS to allow overclocking and probably doesnt have any dip switches either...

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  2. That and sometimes the limit the board can handle is what is already there. Had that prob on my old Aptiva, board could take up to a 475 K6-2, and thats what was in there...

    If you know the motherboard manufacturer and model, you could try using software like SetFSB to raise your fsb, but could your stock cooler take that, not to mention the mobo?
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