avrei bisogno di un grande consiglio. lavoro in una ditta di informatica e il mio capo mi ha consegnato un bel lavoretto. si tratta di trovare un modo per collegare una telecamera nella sede di qualche nostro cliente e monitorarla dall'ufficio qui in sede. io avevo pensato già a qualcosa, a collegare una webcam sul pc nel magazzino e con pcanyware controllarla da qui; oppure con netmeeteing. che soluzione mi consigliate? vi pergo e' urgente e importante.
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  1. Babelfish:

    I would have need of a great council job in a computer science company and my head has delivered a beautiful one to me lavoretto. draft to find a way in order to connect one here television camera in the center of some our customer and monitorarla from the office in center. I had thought already next to something, to connect one webcam on the PC in the warehouse and with pcanyware to control it from here; or with netmeeteing. that solution advised to me? you pergo e' urgent and important.

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  2. Not sure which one is least understandable. :lol:

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  3. si netmeeting.

    no espeken zee doitch.
  4. Quote:
    Not sure which one is least understandable

    Me neither, the only bit I figured out was that the post is aparantly important in some way, shape or form, for some reason (dunno what that could be!!) I fail to see what is actually important about it.

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  5. I got the feeling he was trying to get a webcam to watch his front shop, connected to a PC in the warehouse and monitored from the main office???

    Why not use a big mirror? Or get a big dog.....(Good Morning Vietnam just popped to mind. ROFL!!!)

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