Bf3 problems

ok let's cut straight to the point:
my bf3 is ***.
i used to play on ultra until my CPU was over-heated when i had 32bit, but ever since i upgraded to 64bit (i have 4GB ram) it's working like a total ass. it stutters, i have fps drops, i get lag, and sometimes, when i go through the graphic options it even crashes.
i'm hopeless. i googled my problem and it turns out i'm not the only one with it, but i just can't find the solution.
when i play on medium-low settings i almost don't get the same stutter but i just get a massive fps drop.
here are my specs:

core2 dou e6700 3.2ghz

4gb ram

radeon 6850

psu 540

64 bit ultimate

before you tell me to upgrade my cpu i think you should know that the best my MOBO can handle is core 2 quad, not all the i3, i5 and i7.

please help!!! i really don't know what to do! :(
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  1. tell us about the overheating incident, and why you switched from 32bit to 64bit?
  2. 1. well, i used to play on ultra for like an hour, and then i got hiccups so i realized my CPU is over heating so every time that happens i switched to medium in order to let my CPU "rest".
    2. the reason i switched to 64 bit is because my ram was 4GB and i thought it would work faster when i can use 'em all.
  3. if its overheating then anything like full load (which any detail level would be on a dual core) will generate the same amount of heat. Switching from ultra to med should have had no effect on cpu temps. What are your current cpu temps, and GPU temps at full load. Use speedfan and its graphs to understand temps whilst gaming.

    When you reinstalled windows did you download all drivers fresh (in case there are 64bit versions for some).
  4. yes i have, and the overheating thing isn't relevant anymore 'cause now it's not overheating, i just get huge spikes when i play. btw will upgrading to core 2 quad q660 do the trick? i mean will it wok without stutter&spikes?
  5. There would be no point throwing good money after bad, as it were.

    If you going to upgrade, get a mobo+sandy/ivy bridge CPU bundle
  6. agree in part just left a Q9550 behind, it was a little stuttery on bf3, 3570 smooth as butter. But it comes down to budget in the end.

    Is GPU temp ok, are you sure, the spikes could be thermal.
  7. i don't know what to do guys.... other people say that it would be a decent match with my gpu and i don't wanna buy a new mobo.... you see, the wii u is coming out soon and i intend to buy it. so all i need is a system good enough to run *today's* games. i want to run every game at a good quality for that short period. also if i'm gonna buy it i'll need to find something that ships to israel and i really don't have enough money for that.
  8. any of the Q's would be OK, I only struggled on higher density maps, TDM and the like, just be warned that its just OK.
  9. what is that mean? will it stop the stutter? and what quality could i run it?
    also i really appreciate you helping e.. thank you so much!
  10. quality made no difference, but 32x32 tdm was stuttery, any other map was ok.
  11. no i meant what quality were you playing? low med high or ultra? also what was your GPU?
  12. GTX 470 low to high stuttering present on all setting with many people on a small map.
  13. got it. thx!
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