Xbox slim to HDMI monitor?

I am looking into selling my TV and buying 2 monitors for my xbox and my PC, one for both, and one mainly for the PC. I want to be able to switch from my xbox back to having both screens and back to my xbox again. Is this possible? And how do I hookup a xbox to a monitor via HDMI? I hear there is some converter you need, but I got many different answers.
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  1. You will need two monitors with DVI or hdmi for PC connection. If you dont want to plug and unplug all the time then one of the monitors must have an extra HDMI. There you will connect your XBOX. XBOX Slim has an HDMI so you dont need any kind of converters.. You just hook up directly to monitor and there you are..
  2. One monitor will need to have speakers built in or some kind of audio passthrough option or you will be able to see your Xbox games, but not hear it.

    You shouldn't need any sort of converter, but at least for the Xbox, I wouldn't bother with anything over a 1080p resolution.
  3. Im going to be using astro a50's, so I dont need to worry about sound.
  4. So, one monitor needs to have both HDMI and DVI and the other only needs to have DVI? Im only playing xbox on 1 monitor.
  5. Yes.
  6. Thank you so much!
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