Is 600GPH pump too much?

As some may already know, I'm building an external watercooling unit that will hide under my desk and pump the water up to my computer. I just purchased an EHEIM 1060 (600GPH) pump with 1/2" adapters (system will be 1/2"). Is this going to be too much pump? The pump will have to pump the water through a radiator/heatercore and vertically about 3 1/2'. Is this going to create too much pressure?

I'm beginning to think that the eheim 1250 would do just fine but it only has a max head of 6'+.
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  1. its going to cause quit a bit of pressure but if your using copper lines all around you'll be ok.

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  2. Well, it'll certainly be powerfull enough. So long as the pressure doesn't casue your lines to seperate it will do nicely.

    Generally about 200 GPH is recommended for heights of one foot or less. Now that I think about it 600 GPH shouldn't be too bad considering a height of three and a half feet. You could probably get away with silicone hoses provided that your connections are very secure. Let's see what CALV has to say.

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  3. Hi,

    I have an eheim pump also, a 1250 (not a clue how many gallons that is and Im at work so cant look). I dunno if you've seen my setup, if you havent its <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A> and STILL hasnt been updated !!! but the project is there.
    It pumps water from about 4 feet under the ground, and another couple of feet to my pc, I dont have a radiator as I have 80 litres if water under the floor, and a maze2 waterblock.
    I should think the pump you have will be just fine for the job, are you haveing a tank or not? I presume that the pump wont be submerged, if thats the case, test it AWAY from the pc!, I fired mine up in the kitchen and the pump had a small leak, which would obviously caused major problems if the pump was in the case!!
    If you are concerned about the flow rate, maybe rig up the rad, pump, pipes etc but have the pump fed from a container of water, and leave the return disconnected- thus being able to physically see the flow rate.
    Are you putting pix up on the web? either way, let us know how you get on!

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  4. I believe the Eheim 1250 is rated at 315 GPH and has a max head of 6' something. The 1060 is rated at 600GPH and max head of 10' plus. I'm more concerned on the pressure than the flow rate (I know I'll have plenty of flow). The pump, reservoir, and radiator are going in a seperate box so if the pump leaks, it'll be fine. I havn't got all my parts yet so it'll be a couple of days before I get everything hooked up. And of course there will be mucho pics of my project.
  5. hey calv, that sucks about your north bridge, the same exact thing happend to me with my geforce! the heat silicon was browned at the edges, i cringed when i saw that.

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  6. Right, the 1250 is 317 gal/hr (US) 264 gal/hr (imp), so basically the pump you have has like twice the flow rate, now then, heres where it gets difficult to understand- flow rate and pressure are 2 different thing, for example if you have a hose that is say 2 inches in diameter, and you pump a fluid through it at say 300 gal/hr, and the hose doesnt go anywhere, just straight through, then the pressure right through is the same, now, if we put a bung in the end of the hose, and made a hole in the bung that was 1 inch, we have a restriction, so the flow rate (fluid coming OUT of the hose) is increased, but we also get a pressure build up inside the hose due to the restriction in flow INSIDE the hose, caused in this case by the bung, but in the case of a real setup (i.e. rad,waterblock etc) pressure builds up in various parts of the system whre flow is restricted, this is of some concern to us as we dont want leaks!!, BUT,we are only talking about SMALL pressure build up so I shouldnt be concerned. Set it all up first outside of the pc and run it a while, if you squeeze one of the plastic hoses and it is difficult to squeeze, then there may be some cause for concern as there is obviousley a large pressure build up if you cant squash the hose.
    Hope that makes sense - its a long time since I did all that crap about hydraulics :)

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