The OFFICIAL COD Modern Warfare 3 XBOX 360 Thread...

Please post game related talk to this thread. This will help us 360 users to communicate/rant about the game easier.
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  1. Hi :)

    You realise this thread will vanish in a few hours into history...

    All the best Brett )
  2. Also, this isn't official at all. You have a single post, so you don't really have the authority to do anything but ask questions.

    I would recommend going on a different forum if you want to talk about MW3. Most people on here are PC gamers, so an Xbox 360 thread is not going to get a lot of posts.

    Just go there.
  3. Hahaha are you serious? Do you think ANYONE here is interested in xbox, let alone mw3? I think you got the wrong forum buddy.
  4. Guys. The last time I checked this was the "Console" gaming section. Right? As long as people see this post near the top, and they play MW3 then they will click on this one. This will also eliminate the need for people to create more threads to talk about the game. If this is a PC gaming only forum then why would they create a console section?

    I am by no means "creating" anything other than a single thread within the forum. I don't think I am breaking any rules at all.
  5. Unless you work for Activision thread title is a lie.
  6. Guys. Don't take the title so serious. I just wanted the thread to be the one everyone used within the forum. Wow.
  7. Stop being an attention whore, no one cares. Gather up the rest of your 12 year old MW3 1337Leg1tfaKiEz_SkopEz720HD360_QwiK_SkopZ xbox friends and STAY on xbox, don't go anywhere else on the internet. Thank you.
  8. Mods Please remove this topic. Apparently this is the kids section. Thank you.
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