Why can't I run Starcraft 2 60 FPS Ultra?

My FPS early game stays at 60 (I have Vsync on) but mid to late game where I have lots of units clumped together my PC just can't handle it somehow, it's supposed to rip through Starcraft even in a 4v4 :/.

My Specs:
Intel core i7 2600k Sandy Bridge CPU
Nvidia GTX 570 1.2 GB VRAM.
Running on 1080P
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  1. How badly do the FPS drop? I think the CPU is only capable of average just over 60FPS when theres alot of units about so you cant expect the FPS to never dip below 60 unless you overclock. If it dips really badly it could be overheating. It could also be one of the other players lagging the game.
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