hello guys!! could you please tell me about the "FRAPS"...??? Are they important for games..??
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  1. fraps is a program that has a paid and free version, it is used to record your screen while playing PC games, if you would like to try fraps it is advised you use an extra hard drive to record your fraps videos to, if fraps is on C:\ and you are recording to C:\ and your games are on C:\ then while recording with fraps, your game will lag and not be playable at all
  2. and if i don't wanna record any video?? so will battlefield 3 playable on core 2 duo gts 250 with excellent fps???
  3. Of course, it is playable but with low setting. BF3 is still very very demanding game this game is GPU-bounded the faster gpu the more better performance.
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