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Just wodering what a realistic safe or unsafe temp for an overclocked duron 800 is, there is so much variance in the opinions I've read online. I've read safe temps anywhere from 35-65 degrees.

When I push my duron 800 up to 1 ghz, running about 1.75 volts, i get a idle temp of about 50-51 degrees, stressed the temp was around 55 or so.
At 950 mhz it idles at about 45-46 and stresses at about 48-49.

I know, its a greed thing I guess. Just nice to be able to keep it a 1 ghz. At 1 ghz it did post and ran stable, I also have a prety good hsf on it. I backed it off to 950 cause I thought the temp at 1 ghz was too high. The temps I mentions were from hmonitor and cpucool.

Thanks for any opinions expressed!!!
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  1. My Duron 600@1007mhz (106*9.5), 1.91 volts got unstable at 52 degrees. My normal usage kept my Duron between 44 and 50 degrees and so I was fine (or so I thought). When Raystonn recommended a burn-in program called Toast I found out how close my Duron really was to instability. It pushed temps to 54 degrees.

    I picked up a new heatsink, an Evercool ND-8, which kept temps between 38-44 degrees normally, 48 with Toast, and even two hours of that couldn't push my Duron over the edge.

    I've since moved on to an Athlon but I put a quieter 23 CFM fan on the ND-8 heatsink, lowered overclocking to 950, and now my nephew enjoys a quiet system.

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  2. As long as it don't crashes you will be fine, in theory. But a temp below 60 C with a high OC should be fine.
    Try Toast and see if your CPU remains stable, you can download it here: <A HREF="http://www.calvsplace.cwc.net" target="_new">http://www.calvsplace.cwc.net</A>.

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  3. As long as it doesn't crash and it is below 60C, it should be OK. My Duron is at 56C, 904 MHz at full load, and it is stable at up to 59C.

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