Starcraft 1.5 fps drop

Long story short.

Patch 1.5 dropped last week. Before patch, I ran starcraft2 on maximum settings and the game ran smooth... hot-knife-thru-butter-smooth.

After patch, I've been almost daily tweaking my settings... and it's choppy... when a new unit spawns... when I get into combat with my opponent... basically the screen freezes for a second... maybe 2 or 3... highly annoying.

I'm fairly certain my gear is equipped to handle sc2 at max settings... but it's not doing so, and I need help figuring out why.

i5 2500k Sandy Bridge 3.3ghz
8g DDR3 (Ripjaws)
GTX 570
P8P67 Deluxe

What I've done so far...

I've played with all settings on MAX (extreme), and I've played with all settings on lowest. In both cases.. I receive similar fps issues, which naturally leads me to believe it's not a hardware issue on my end.

That's a short ~5min video with some examples of the fps drop--they're infrequent, and borderline inconsistent.
Sorry if the audio is poor.
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  1. Nice find... and very true.
  2. That patch turned mine to German and I had to modify a text fine to get it back to English. Thats the only issue I had though so far.
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