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First....Hello Guys,I am planning to buy a 3d LED or LCD monitor mostly for gaming(my vga is nvidia gtx 680),and i also wanna watch 3d movies on it..i google about it and found Asus 27 inch LCD - VG278H Monitor and Benq 24 inch LED - XL2420T Monitor.i am very confused for which one to get,What do you guys recommend?
Please give as much details as possible as i am a noob in this field.
size = 23 inch to 27 inch.
Usage = gaming and watching bluray(3d)movies.

thanx in advance.
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  1. Hi :)

    You NEED a 3d MONITOR.... one of those is twice the price and 3D ...and one isnt lol...

    All the best Brett )
  2. yes i know coz one is 24" and second one is 27"..but i found some bad review about asus VG278H so i wanna know which one is better..
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